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By accessing this website, you agree to follow all of American Spandex Inc’s online policies.


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Dye Lot Variation

As the manufacturer of many of our fabrics, our colors may experience dye lot variations from time to time. This largely occurs when we have manufactured a new lot of fabric. In the fabric industry, it is very difficult to mimic colors to exact precision, so we do ask our customers to agree to an allowance in color variation. Generally we will try to keep the allowance to +/- 10%. Please note, lots may be used without notice as we are consistently printing and producing new batches of fabric in line with our inventory levels. Our customer service team will always try to rectify dye lot variations to the best of their ability in line with our company policies, however please note the fabric should be kept in it's original condition.


Any sales or transactions automatically consent your compliance with website policies, including, but not limited to, the return policy. American Spandex Inc takes no responsibility of color distortions caused by computer monitors, and thus American Spandex Inc strongly urges its consumers to order swatches in order to ensure color and texture accuracy. American Spandex Inc. takes no responsibility for any damage and/or delay caused by shipping. Shipping is available to all 50 states but prices for shipping may vary. For international orders, please contact via telephone or email. For sales and/or promotions that are limited to one use per customer, customers who abuse this policy by placing multiple orders will be banned from future sales and/or the orders may be combined with the withdrawal of the sales. 

Combined Orders

American Spandex Inc reserves the right to combine pending orders if the recipient name and shipping address are identical in an effort to deliver products quickly and efficiently.